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Kronos Solar is one of the leading International Developers of large scale solar PV farms. We make solar power happen on green field and brownfield sites. As an independent Developer, we combine the very best locations, technology and partners for the creation of responsible and sustainable solar projects. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, which is founded on a local connectivity of our operations, combined with international scale and cost competitiveness.

Project phases we are there from A to Z

Being responsible

Cost Competitiveness

Solar parks are complex developments, frequently involving many parties. Kronos Solar is a strong partner from the early planning phases throughout the operation of the solar park. At the early stages, we are an experienced partner for landowners who want to explore the opportunity to find a better and commercially more attractive use of their land. And in the later stages of PV development, we enable sustainable, clean investments with stable returns, for investors such as pension funds, applying a long-term investment approach.

Kronos applies highest levels of collaboration and environmental commitment. We focus our developments on brownfield sites and farm land of lower grades. We create natural habitats for wildlife and enable a continued use of solar site for farming: By doing so, we create a complementary use  to farming of land, while also enriching local fauna and flora.

Solar Power received a widespread support by people and Governments. Yet, with decreasing financial national subsidies, cost competitiveness is becoming a key differentiator. Thanks to our technical independence and commercial scale, Kronos Solar is one of the most cost competitive players in the industry. With an integrated business model under which we cover many steps in the value chain, we can operate in Feed-In-Tariff markets as well as in many subsidy-free markets with pier-to-pier power-ofttaker agreements.
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